Qui Sardegna offers a complete range of typical Sardinian dried pasta (Malloreddus and Fregola), 100% produced with durum wheat semolina exclusively from Sardinia and packaged in order to respect our tradition.

The Fregola is a traditional product of Sardinia in the shape of small irregular spheres of varying diameter, with a rustic shape and a characteristic flavor; takes on a golden color, after the natural slow drying and toasting. The Fregola has an ancient history, so according to some sources, this type of pasta was already produced and exported in the tenth century. In the Sardinian culinary tradition, Fregola is used firstly as a base for fish and shellfish or for the preparation of soups.

The Malloreddus are a traditional product of Sardinia, in particular of Campidano, with an elongated shape of an empty stick with a back characterized by parallel reliefs (striped). Their name derives from the dialectal term malloru, or bull, as their pot-bellied shape recalls the belly of the calves (malloreddus = calves).

In Sardinia the Malloreddus represent the first dish of great occasions, on Sundays, Christmas or Easter and are seasoned with very rich and tasty sauces.

Fregola Trafilata al Bronzo 500g




Malloreddus Tradizionali 500g



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