Pistoccu is the typical bread of Ogliastra, in central-eastern Sardinia.

It was the bread that the shepherds consumed during the weeks of transhumance, but it was also the bread of the servants and the less well off. The skins of skilfully worked bread take on different shapes, rectangular or circular and also a different thickness depending on the villages. Pistoccu is a bread suitable for long storage, made of durum wheat semolina, water, potato flakes, yeast and salt.

It can be eaten crisp or moistened with water (only on the rough side or on both sides).

It is used to accompany cheeses, mixed cold cuts and meats, but it is excellent even if spread with honey, jams or with hazelnut cream spread. It is often used to absorb the cooking sauce of stewed meat, like sheep in coat.

The main difference with the Pane Carasau is in the thickness, in fact the Pane Pistoccu has a thickness of about 3-4 mm while the Carasau only 1 mm. In addition, the consumption of the Pistoccu usually takes place after being wet while the Carasau is normally consumed dry.


Pane Pistoccu 500g